Glazed Pergolas

Stunning, Bespoke Glazed Pergolas

Glazed Pergolas are being increasingly requested by home owners and businesses alike, especially after the recent global crisis. The concept is simple - a sheltered seating area which protects from the elements amongst other things. Considering their simplicity, they are exceptionally versatile and multi-functional making them the latest 'must have'. People use Pergolas for all kinds of reasons from upgrading their home, to keeping customers dry and comfortable. They also afford protection from rain, snow and sun for cars and other vehicles kept outdoors. Stylish and functional these structures can enhance the home, and will look great when adorned by climbing blossoms or fairy lights.

Outdoor living and entertaining was always popular, but nowadays online orders of Glazed Pergolas, Glazed Verandas, Glazed Canopies and Sunrooms have gone through the roof. This is due to a number of factors including the obvious one, it's now safer to be outdoors and easier to social distance.

Practical & Functional Garden, Patio Buildings

Those who appreciate what their gardens, yards and patios have to offer are always on the lookout for the next wonderful addition. Glazed Pergolas represent just enough of a structure to beautify and extend the functionality of your garden. They give character and a sense of luxury while remaining chic and classy. With more people having to holiday at home, certainly this year, anything that makes your space safe, fun and practical is the way to go.

These buildings can bring a real Mediterranean appeal to your environment, yet are perfectly designed for our unpredictable weather! A Glazed Pergola extends your home, and allows you and the rest of the family the freedom to sit and enjoy the outside whatever the season.

Accessorise your Pergola with Lights and Heating

Our Glazed Pergolas are created with the desires and needs of the customer in mind for a stunning, bespoke solution. Like all of our products, only the highest quality profiles and glazing options are used. You can customise this outdoor structure by installing fancy lighting, portable heating, fans, speakers and barbecues. The only thing limiting you is your imagination and you can have a buzzing area to gather, or a tranquil oasis to relax or work in.

Excellence in design, technology and performance come as standard with these products whatever your taste. When you eventually come to sell your home, a Glazed Pergola is always a major advantage. The convenience and usefulness of these attractive buildings is an automatic draw to prospective buyers.

Professional Design & Installation for Domestic or Commercial

We provide all kinds of glazed solutions for homes and businesses, and Glazed Pergolas are a trend that seem to have caught the imagination of everybody. A Glazed Pergola is a beautiful alternative to the more full on conservatory or orangery, yet is effective and impressive. A full range of designs and colours are available to you ensuring a smoothly integrated result with the rest of your home.

Our skilled team can complete the installation of your Glazed Pergola while causing the least disruption to you and your routine. We will also work with you to find the best solution for your garden extension, and one that you will love.

Glazed Pergolas for Leisure & Business Premises
Glazed Pergolasfor Leisure & Business Premises
Glazed Pergolas for Leisure & Business Premises