UPVC Replacement Double Glazing, Composite Doors, French Doors & Conservatories, Essex

Your home is more than just somewhere to eat and sleep, it is essential that its also comfortable and relaxing. A new colour scheme, a change of curtains and soft furnishings or new carpets and flooring can transform a home and give it a fresh appeal. More in depth, permanent home improvements may be on the agenda, where an extra room is needed. Extensions and conversions are frequent occurrences and will not only upgrade a home, but could create a much needed place for children returning from University, or an elderly parent to stay. With house prices being what they are more and more younger people are finding it difficult to afford a first home

It is a fact that these days most home improvements focus on maximising space and light, which is why conservatories, multi - fold and bi – fold doors, French windows and patio doors are so popular. The biggest trend in home rebuilding according to 15% of builders is gaining increased access to light. Skylights, bi-fold and French doors, porches, conservatories as well as replacement double glazing are being installed more frequently, and sometimes as an alternative to moving.

Green Home Improvements, Energy Efficient Technology

Another priority for most people when considering home improvements is of course sustainability, with green technology becoming a major influence. You would imagine that more space and larger glazed areas mean more heat loss and drafts. But with modern glazing systems this just isn't the case. A high level of thermal performance is crucial when designing double glazing products and carrying out installations in locations in and around Essex. Our UPVC and especially aluminium double glazing offers excellent design flexibility while providing exceptional energy efficiency. Whether its for a home or business, insulation is important and can save a significant amount of money, not to mention lowering a building's carbon footprint.

Government commitment to energy efficient solutions and lower carbon emissions, has led to significant legislation to tackle these problems. Initiatives have included the Feed-in Tariff scheme, the Renewable Heat Incentive, the Green Deal and Warm Front. Some of these schemes have proved more successful than others, and some are more complicated to manage and monitor.

Eco Friendly High Performance Initiatives

One government initiative consists of gas and electricity Smart Meters for every home by the year 2020. This innovative technology will allow meter readings to be taken remotely, meaning no hassle for the homeowner as they wont have to scrabble around in inaccessible places trying to read the meter or jump out of the bath and answer the door to let someone else read it. The meters will also have a display device for customers to find out about their energy use. This kind of informative technology has been shown in studies to encourage users to easily monitor and streamline their energy use, cutting it by 3-15%.

Measures which help to save money by lowering fuel consumption are highly beneficial to all, and these days there is normally a green element built into the design process. Modern building regulations demand a high level of environmentally aware planning.

Sustainable Living, Essex

Its not just the structure of your home which can have an effect on sustainability, things like soft furnishings and good quality carpets will contribute in a big way towards your homes thermal performance, providing a warm barrier. Superior underlay will create insulation as well as underfoot comfort when used with your carpets. The life of wood or laminate flooring will also be extended by a suitable base. Luxury Vinyl Tile provides an outstanding solution to the overall feel of any home, as it is soft, warm and absorbs noise.

Where soft furnishings are concerned, good quality curtains and blinds will help to retain heat and stop drafts. Pelmets and lambrequins will also prevent warm air from escaping and recirculate it back into the room. We can highly recommend Applewood Interiors, Brentwood, who offer a Free home sample viewing, quote and measuring and fitting service. They have lots of experience of supplying bespoke, hand made soft furnishings, and can give friendly advice on how these can enhance your home, while keeping it warm.

UPVC Replacement Double Glazing, Composite Doors, French Doors & Conservatories, Essex

UPVC Replacement Double Glazing, Composite Doors, French Doors & Conservatories, Essex