Verandas, Patio Covers, Pergolas & Sun Rooms - Help with Social Distancing?

It's true that due to the current situation, those who are lucky enough to have gardens......are in them! Let's face it, where else can you enjoy nature and the joy of growing things while staying safe? Suppliers of seeds and plants report that they can hardly keep up with demand. Spending time in the garden is recommended by doctors as being extremely beneficial for your health and happiness.

Sun Rooms, Verandas Pergolas and Patio Covers

As people gravitate towards their garden area there are any number of transformations going on, from a simple patio table and chairs set to installation of spectacular verandas or patio doors. These will be a boon for homes as restrictions ease. Verandas, sunrooms and folding or patio doors extend your indoor space and blur the transition between house and garden.

Alfresco Socialising & Dining
Restaurants and bars are also hugely affected by the crisis, as they struggle to comply, profitably, with social distancing requirements. Seating will have to be thinned out, and maximum use made of any outdoor areas.

This solution is not problem free though, as anyone in the UK will know only too well. In a word 'weather'. Customers must be kept dry and comfortable so shelter from rain and strong winds has to be provided.

Verandas, Sun Rooms & Glazed Patios Supply and Fit, or Supply Only

TWS Verandas are specialists in the installation or 'supply only' of glazed verandas, canopies, sunrooms and smoking shelters. We offer FREE surveys, advice and tips to get the best from your domestic or commercial outdoor area.

Why Chose TWS Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies, Verandas & Sunrooms

TWS are a well established and respected supplier of conservatories, orangeries, double glazed windows and doors. With a strong and enviable reputation for customer satisfaction we are confident you will be delighted with our creative designs and professional, friendly approach.

We use state of the art manufacturing technology and we apply our vast experience of the double glazing and conservatory industry to design and construct the ideal smoking shelters, canopies, verandas and sunrooms for our clients.
Here at TWS, our enthusiastic team are ready to advise you and ensure that you make the correct choice of smoking shelter, canopy, veranda or sunroom. We offer you:

  • Custom manufacture for your specific requirements
  • Installation by fully TWS engineers
  • Flexible approach aimed at fulfilling your needs.
  • Professional design and no obligation advise service.
  • Quality assured materials from leading supplier.
  • Vast range of frame colours and glaze tints.

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Smoking Shelters

Stylish and functional, our smoking shelters are a property adornment wherever they are used.

Smoking Shelters



Verandas complete a modern home, enhancing your dwelling and opening up for entertaining and alfresco lifestyle.



Smoking Shelters, Glazed Canopies, Verandas & Sunrooms