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  Crosby's – Contact Ordering
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Wholesale Supplier of Ornamental Flowers, Shrubs & Plants

Crosby's – the home of colourful plants – would like to thank our friends and web promotional partners at Trade Windows Services for allowing us to promote our services on their website. As a quick aside, we have to say that the addition of a TWS veranda would make a welcome addition to any garden.

Crosby's are a major national and international wholesale supplier of bedding plants, pot plants, ornamental shrubs and flowers. Our customers include garden centres, retail outlets, landscape gardeners and local authorities.

Wholesale Bedding Plants & Ornamentals

It has to be said that Crosby's is a perennial. We planted our first seeds back in 1939 and we have continued to grow ever since. The range and varieties of bedding plants and ornamentals we cultivate increases year on year. As a result our growing season now covers the whole year and the business continues to bloom. We will try to leave the puns there.

Like all successful businesses, Crosby's move with the times. In recent years we have placed great emphasis on working closely with our customers, getting to know their needs and growing plants to their requirements.

Ornamental Pot Plants, Bedding Plants and Hanging Baskets

Crosby's operate from two sites in Cheshire and deliver to customers across the UK and in mainland Europe.

We have recently extended our polytunnel facility to meet increasing demand for core bedding plants and pot lines including Begonias, Rudbeakia, Fuscias and Geraniums.

Our experience allows us to use a range of growing techniques and growing mediums. Crosby's produce Spring, Summer and Autumn Hanging Baskets in a range of sizes. We welcome feedback and create hanging baskets to customers' orders and of our own design.

Ornamental Bedding Plants – Supply, Contract Ordering & Delivery

Our facilities enable us to offer contract growing of large volume bedding plants, flowers and shrubs. This facility has proved to be exceptionally popular with garden centres and landscape gardeners as it ensures they get the type and quality of plant they require at precisely the time they need it.

We have our own transport fleet and deliver using the interchangeable Danish trolley system. This allows us to load and unload a full delivery in less than 10 minutes.

Crosby's are the originators of Pot Grown Wallflowers. This technique increases the shelf life of the plants in garden centres.

Ornamental Horticultural Nursery – Maintaining Quality

At Crosby's we import the best quality seeds from the world's top growers including Ball Colegrave in California, Sakata of Japan and the Dutch suppliers Florensis and Syngenta. We hasten to add that as acknowledged experts in our field, 85% of our plants and flowers are grown from our own seeds. This is one of the many techniques that help to keep our prices competitive.

Growing from our own seed also enables us to offer plant varieties that are not available from seed suppliers. We enjoy working closely with our customers and take pride in being able to offer a great selection of unusual and distinctive bedding and ornamental pants.

Our bedding plants and pot plants are grown in peat-based, peat reduced and peat free compost, taking into account the development needs of the plant and the specific wishes of customers. Control release fertilisers are used in most of our products to improve shelf life and growth potential. Programmed pest and disease control strategies are designed for each individual crop and growth regulators are used to ensure crop uniformity.

Horticultural Innovation & Best Practice

Crosby's are at the forefront of the horticultural industry. We are subscribers to the Horticultural Development Council and we make regular visits to seed and system suppliers to keep pace with all the latest developments. Our nurseries use the latest plant growing technologies and our staff regularly attend seminars held by suppliers, growers and horticulturalists.

Further Information / Contact Us

As a wholesale nursery we are afraid that we are unable to sell directly to the public.

We are always happy to talk to new and existing customers and we update our catalogue regularly. We also encourage customers to visit our nurseries to discuss their needs and to view our range of bedding plants and our modern facilities.

For further information check out our website at

Telephone: 0161 980 5195

Fax: 0161 9039442



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Crosby's - Contact Ordering and National Supplier
Crosby's - Contact Ordering and National Supplier